What people are saying about The Story of Gomer

Rev. Carol Bryant,
Director,Christ Church Women’s Ministries,
Nashville, TN

“Having known Geri Campbell for a number of years, I have been aware of her acting abilities, however, not until I read her “Gomer” manuscript did I know that she has excellent writing qualities as well. Upon reading this sensitive and dramatic story, laughing one moment and crying the next, I knew immediately that the ladies of our congregation must experience this powerful message of God’s unconditional love. We featured Geri’s presentation of “Gomer” at our Ladies Fall Retreat in October and the hush that followed the conclusion gave testimony to it’s profound impact upon us all. Ladies reported that sometime during this anointed hour, they were able to embrace what they had struggled to accept for years, God’s love for them personally. One can express most effectively what one has experienced personally. It is quite evident that Geri Campbell has met God intimately and experienced the healing and restoration of His redeeming love. I admire and respect Geri as a woman of God, called and anointed to present the gospel of Jesus Christ through her extraordinary talents and abilities, and I most appreciate the Lord sending her our way!”

Tana Zinnanti Miller
Assembly of God Network Women’s District Southern New England

“I cannot even begin to express how very powerful Geri’s ministry is. We had her come to do The Story of Gomer for our annual District Women’s Conference. The presence of God was thick and by the end of the production ladies were weeping at the altars as they surrendered their lives to God. The story in and of itself is very powerful but combined with Geri’s acting abilities and creativity to get the story across in a solo act I was totally blown away. I highly recommend her ministry your ladies will be VERY blessed.”

Ken Ham,
CEO and Founder of Answers in Genesis

“She is a brilliant, and I mean brilliant actor. I’ve never seen anyone make Hosea as meaningful as she did.”

Randy Cordell,
Senior Pastor
Lakeshore Christian Church

Dear Church Leader,

As the Preaching Minister and an Elder of a growing church in the Nashville, Tennessee area, I understand how difficult it is for church leaders to make a decision to invite someone they do not personally know into their church to do a program. We have the awesome responsibility of keeping watch over God’s flock; to protect, instruct, and care for them.

Knowing Rich and Geri Campbell personally as their Pastor, I am happy to recommend “Back to His Heart Ministries” to you and your church. With a true servant’s heart, Rich and Geri will bring a drama program to your people that will truly bless and inspire, with a style that crosses all denominational, racial, economic and social boundaries.

Please consider having Rich and Geri Campbell come to your church to present a program for you. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me by phone at 615-367-0817 or by email at randyc@lakeshorechristian.com.

May God Bless You in Your Ministry,

L.H. Hardwick, Jr.,
Senior Pastor
Christ Church, Nashville, TN

“Recently, Geri Campbell portrayed the character of Gomer from the book of Hosea for a Sunday evening service at Christ Church. Her portrayal was compelling, fascinating and superb. She brought to life in a powerful way the message of God’s unbelievable mercy and forgiveness, which is what the story of Gomer is all about. I have no hesitancy to give my highest recommendation to Geri and her portrayal of this story.”

Chaplain, LTC Charles “Larry” Stiles,
(AFRC Ret) and Senior Minister
Erlanger Church of Christ,
Erlanger, KY

“I am glad to take this opportunity to lend my full support to Rich and Geri Campbell and their “Back to His Heart Ministries”. I have personally seen their outstanding play “Gomer” three times! Each time I have come away seeing a fresh new insight into how much more God loves us! I believe this drama would be excellent not only for churches, but also for military bases, Christian camps, prison ministries, etc.
Take the time to check this out! See afresh His wonderful love!

Pastor Brendon Wilson,
Solid Rock Ministry,
Huntington, NY

“Concerning the presentation of ‘Gomer’…
my personal experience with this live dramatization is genuinely heart-captivating. Midway through the presentation, I saw the mercies of God revealed through this passionate illustration. Above all…I experienced, on that evening, an immense amount of love from the Father’s heart. This ministry comes to you highly recommended.”

The Rev. Craig Swan, Rector,
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Camillus, NY

“Geri and Rich Campbell truly touched the hearts of the members at St. Luke’s. While in their presence we knew we were in the presence of true, modern-day saints, living by trusting in the Spirit. Their drama’s are deep and sincere expressions of what they hold dear in their hearts.”

D. Dale Dickson
Senior Pastor
Christ Community Fellowship
West Grove, PA

“Christ Community Fellowship, on the Annual Ladies Day. was so blessed with the Drama Ministry of Geri & Rich Campbell. Their unique presentation of “GOMER” was a deeply moving experience that touched the entire congregation on Saturday. Sunday Morning and Evening Services were likewise, an enriching and uplifting experience – through their Drama Ministry and Music ! We are all looking forward to their return visit!

John M. Bledsoe, Pastor,
Old Hickory Church of the Nazarene
Old Hickory, TN

“Geri Campbell’s portrayal of Gomer, based on the Book of Hosea, was outstanding! I found myself laughing and crying, and saying to myself, ‘What an amazing God – to love us so much!’ The story may have been written hundreds of years ago, but the message is as current as today’s news: GOD LOVES YOU! With deep passion and conviction, Geri brings to life this story of God’s faithfulness to those who fall.”

Kenny Talbott, Chaplain
Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry.
Anyone who struggles with being faithful to God and battling, like Paul,
with doing the things they don’t want to do, need to see your presentation.
You were a true blessing to our institution.”