Get Ready

  DSC_6346We have an exciting new program called “Get Ready, Get Set…Go!” Based on Galatians 5:25, it features powerful monologues, humorous skits, and inspirational songs designed to both encourage and challenge God’s people to get in-step with the Holy Spirit. Interspersed with personal testimony from both Rich and Geri Campbell, this program’s purpose is to help others to take the first step, or the next step toward the call of God in their lives.

Get Ready, Get Set…Go! is able to adapt to fit into a 20-minute time slot for a worship service, or span a three-day seminar, camp, or series of meetings. It is most effective when coupled with our powerful production of “Completely Loved and Love Completed, The Story of Gomer” as an example of what God can do through lives that are completely yielded to Him.


The Race 

Safe Christianity

Skip has a boat that looks great, and has all the latest in Technology, but he never actually sails.  This skit is a humorous look at those who are sincere Christians but afraid to get out of their comfort zones.

God’s Dream

An entertaining skit with a hard hitting message about trying to fit God’s will for your life into the small space that you have created.

Philip’s Basket

A powerful monologue from the perspective of Jesus’ disciple Philip on the day that Jesus feeds the five thousand.  Although Philip had walked with the Lord, witnessed numerous miralces, and even healed people in Jesus’ name, when Jesus asks him to distribute the small pieces of bread and fish, Philip struggles with having enough faith to take the first step toward the hungry crowd.

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