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72 Index Cards Podcast, The Story of God’s Faithful Provision

Recently I sat down with my friend Christine, aka the “Oppermom” as a guest on her podcast show to talk about the true story of God’s miraculous financial provision for our family over the past six years.  It all began with trusting in the Lord to make all the payments of a 72 month car loan for our ministry van.  As the first payment came due, I worried about how we were ever going to be able to make a single one of them, let alone 72! God clearly spoke into my heart, “Get 72 index cards, one for each month of the loan, and I want you to write down how I make every single payment.”  So that is just what I did. I got a pack of a hundred cards, counted out 72, and put them in a plastic sandwich baggie. This is the true story of those cards, and what has happened since!

Click here to listen: podcast 72 index cards

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