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Covid-19, Conspiracy Theories, and Christians

Covid-19, Conspiracies, and Christians.

During the global pandemic of Covid-19, “conspiracy” theories abound.  The definition of a “conspiracy theory” from is: an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as the result of the actions of a small, powerful group. In today’s world, this term often carries a negative tone, and in some cases, it is used to mock or even infer that the person who thinks there might be a conspiracy is silly, crazy, uneducated, or just misinformed.  There seems to be a connection between Christians and people who believe there to be something more to this pandemic than meets the eye, and to be honest, although false, we are used to those accusations, labels and terms.

Why does it seem that so many Christians believe there might be a sinister and dark aspect of Covid-19 and the handling of the response to the pandemic by those in power?

Because we recognize evil.  Because we know the word of God. Because the Spirit of Truth lives in us.

Evil always has the same M.O., or method of operating.  From the moment the world began, Satan, the enemy of God, has behaved the same way, used the same strategy, and had the same end in mind. From the fall of man in Genesis chapter three, to  the very next chapter when God tells Cain, “Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you…” Genesis 4:7, we as Christians recognize that evil is, and always has been all round us, waiting for an opportunity to destroy.

1 Peter 5:8, ESV: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Have you even watched a documentary on how lions hunt?  Their strategy first and foremost is to separate the herd.  A predator has often been chased away by a herd of animals banding together to defend themselves and their young. Recognizing the power of their unified front, the predator immediately gives up and begins searching for an easier target.  The animal that meets their demise is the one that got separated. The one that is alone.

So yes, although we acknowledge that Covid-19 is a virus that can be very dangerous especially to the elderly or those with comorbidities, we also see the demanding and mandating of masks for all people, even healthy people, all the time and with no end game, very disconcerting because it truly and unequivocally separates us.

In John 10:10, NIV Jesus states:  “The thief (The enemy, or Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Recent events have brought to light the difference between light and darkness, and good and evil.  As we see rioting, looting, destruction allowed if not smiled upon and abortion applauded, we cannot help but think of this verse.  Where are we seeing stealing, killing, and destruction or property and livelihoods?  Who is encouraging this?  Who is standing with it and making it seem as though it is a good thing?  Well, that would be the actions of a small and powerful group.

You can look at every historical king, or ruler in the Bible, and see the same pattern.  You can look at every history book about every people group who ever lived and see the same pattern.  You can watch movies and read books like Star Wars, the Hunger Games, 1984, Lord of the Rings, and many more, all with the same plot.  Rulers, drunk on power, looking to control and suppress the common people, often taking away their freedom.  Even people who started off as kind and good succumbed to a sinful mind and allowed power to corrupt them.


Because people who live apart from God are controlled by the sinful mind.  We are not blaming individuals, we are blaming sin- Satan, which is the real enemy.

Sin separates, it seeks control, it seeks to kill and destroy.  It seeks power.  It seeks self.  Sin seeks to enslave, for this is its nature.

One of the most powerful examples we can SEE of how sin, or evil operates is drug addiction.  Drugs, like Satan in the Garden of Eden, seems to offer an enticing and seeming innocent little bit of pleasure, alluring to the eye and senses.  “Did God really say you shouldn’t do this? Oh, come on, what would it hurt?  Just this one little time…”  The drug then enslaves and controls the person, separates them from loved ones, and ultimately destroys them.

As a Christian, we see this evil front and center.  We see it because it is the key to repentance in our own lives.  We receive Christ when we realize the sin in our own lives and come to an understanding that only through Christ can we be free and forgiven and come back to God’s heart.  Jesus offers life, and liberty. In John 14:6, Jesusstates, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, if not by Me.

As a Christian, we no longer have a mind controlled by the sinful nature.  We have a renewed mind, the mind of Christ, which is controlled by the spirit of life and peace.  Romans 8:6 states, The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.

So, as we view our world through a Biblical lens, we easily recognize things that are contrary to Christ.  Jesus is Truth, He is love, He is light, He is freedom, and He brings us together as one body.  What we are seeing in our world today is removal of freedom, the suppression of truth, and changed definition of love.  We see darkness masquerading as light.  We see people purposely and systemically being separated and kept apart.  It is very hard not to recognize this as someone or something conspiring to do something harmful.

Now is the time to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth.  Now is the time to return to the Word of God.  Now is the time to seek the Lord and ask what your role is at such a time as this. Now, as never before, is the time for God’s people to come BACK TO HIS HEART.

3 comments on “Covid-19, Conspiracy Theories, and Christians

  1. Mary Pat Grossmann


    I loved this!! My mormon sister and husband recently came to the LORD and I am going to share this with her because it sounds so much like what she found as she viewed what was going on in the world. Seeing so much evil and discord, she knew she didn’t want this and there had to be a better way. She said the reading of “Mere Christianity” contributed greatly to her turning around. Can’t wait to share this with her. Thank you for your clear words of truth.❤️
    Love, Mary Pat


  2. Praise God! Rejoicing with you for your sister and her husband. God is certainly drawing people to Himself. However, I am sure you, as a loving sister, has planted many seeds along the way. Thank you for commenting.


  3. Well said! Our prayer is for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done! May truth reign and all lies be exposed!


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