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The True Story of God’s Provision


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“I didn’t even know they made car loans for this long.  72 months?  What’s that, like, six years?”  I sat there, staring at my husband, a knot in my stomach, feeling the heat rise in my face.  “The van will be over ten years old by the time we are done paying on it.”

My husband Rich, a man of few words, calmly stated; “It’s okay, everything will work out. God will take care of us.”  Those words came out of my husband’s mouth quite often in the years since we made the decision to follow God’s call on our lives.

As we sat in silence in the small office of the car dealership, my mind traced back through the memories of how God had provided for our family in the four years since we quit our good paying jobs and left our home in Nashville, TN in obedience to God.   After years of living on non-profit ministry wages, we had already cut all the extras out of our budget, so we knew there was absolutely no way we could afford a car payment.

The salesman came back smiling, “Okay folks, your credit has been approved and we’re good to go! Just sign on the dotted line.”

As I signed the papers, I could never have imagined the journey God would take me on, or how those 72 van payments would change my life.

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